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Open and Closed States as of May 13, 2020
With some notable exceptions, most states have started to reopen. So, I'd like to rerun my poll from 10 days ago and see if your opinions have changed. Are you ready to go out to restaurants, bars, movie theaters, theme parks, and sporting events? Continue Reading →


I hope you and your loved ones are safe. Today is May 4, 2020. My family has been "sheltering in place" for 53 days. There is a local ordinance that requires everyone to wear a mask in public spaces. It also limits gatherings to no more than 10 people. I'm told that these restrictions will be lifted by the middle of the month. Which raises the question, "Will it be safer in two weeks than it is today?" Continue Reading →

Wild About Harry

As we move into another month of staying at home, Shelly and Ross thought we could use some levity and inspiration. Today, we meet Ross's mentor, Harry Oppenheimer. Continue Reading →
The coronavirus pandemic is teeming with known unknowns. How many people have had it? How many people will get it? What is today’s R0 value in the top 50 markets? How will we assess the risk of bringing our employees back to the office? What impact will new consumer preferences have on our business? Will we have inflation or deflation? A recession or depression? As hard as these questions are, we’ve helped our corporate clients reframe and answer them in multiple ways. You can too. Here’s how. Continue Reading →

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