Case Study: Digital Advisory Board Facilitation

Digital Advisory Board

A global consumer electronics manufacturer wanted to position itself as a first-stop for startups and new ideas from the broader tech community.

Client Challenges

Our client wanted to identify industry and market trends, test new product portfolio investment options, develop their marketing strategy, harden their business plan delivery, and identify competitive threats and make course corrections that deliver sustained performance results and value for their clients.

The Palmer Group Solution

  • Create and manage a “Digital Advisory Board” comprised of industry-leading senior executives and members of client’s senior leadership team.
  • Developed a clear set of objectives and expected outcomes for the program.
  • Prepared comprehensive project implementation plans and milestones.
  • Coordinated and facilitated meetings.
  • Created and distributed board correspondence.


  • Our client’s senior leadership now has access to a wide range of digital expertise. There is an ongoing mechanism for focusing ideas and, as well as a group of third-party experts who hold client’s senior leadership accountable for results from their digital and data-driven initiatives.
  • There is a dynamic mechanism for benchmarking innovation and speed to market for all digital initiatives.
  • The client reports a better than 10x ROI on their investment in the Digital Advisory Board.