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Cyber Security 2014

5 Damaging Job Mistakes…in Fun, Colorful Blocks!


Evan Spiegel blew it. For months, security researchers warned Spiegel that Snapchat, the social media platform he and a Stanford buddy created, had a major privacy flaw. The Huffington Post writes Spiegel and his team never fixed the problem. Then, in late 2013, a hacker stole phone records and usernames of millions of Snapchat users and […]

Social TV

Social TV: “The Real Action is Not Online — It is Still Face-to-Face”


Each December, CBS’s Chief Research Officer Dave Poltrack addresses the UBS Annual Global Media and Communications Conference. This year’s talk, “The Outlook for the Broadcast Networks,” covered a wide range of topics, including social TV: “Nothing was hotter this year than social media with Twitter front and center with its IPO,” according to Poltrack. “Television programs […]

CEO Checklist: 6 Ways to Boost Your Professional Identity In 2014


As a leader, it’s important to position your professional identity for success in 2014. This checklist is designed to help you make the most of your public professional identity. 1. Readdress “who you are” now. While it’s tempting to use the same personal “about me” paragraph that you’ve had for years, take a step back […]


Net Neutrality Limbo: An Unfortunate Game


The recent vote on the principles of Net Neutrality (Chairman Genachowski voted for the Order; Commissioner Copps concurred and Commissioner Clyburn approved in part and concurred in part.  Commissioners McDowell and Baker dissented.) at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has drawn criticism from both sides.  Republicans in Congress are uniformly against it and Democrats are mixed.  Consumer advocates say it does not go far enough to protect consumers and the big carriers and tech giants (Verizon, AT&T, Google, Microsoft, etc.) offered lukewarm to tepid praise.