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Windows 8
Four Windows 8 television advertisements have leaked online, ahead of the operating system’s launch later this month. The advertisements, which first appeared on Israeli technology site TechIt, show off some of the main features of the operating system, but focus on the learning experience for new and existing Windows users. A number of early adopters Continue Reading →
Online Reviews
(This content was originally posted at Keller Fay.) A recent article in the New York Times caught my eye. Entitled “The Best Book Reviews Money Can Buy,” the article says there is a growing practice of authors who commission reviews for their books, rather than letting reviews spring up organically on online sites such as or Continue Reading →
Kindle Fire HD
Amazon decided not to discuss it at Thursday’s press event, but all three of Amazon’s new Kindle Fires — the new 7-inch tablet, 7-inch HD tablet and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD — will come with “Special Offers” a.k.a. advertisements on their lock screens, The Verge reports. Previously reserved only for select Kindle eReader models and Continue Reading →
Facebook Globe
(Content originally posted on HLNTV.) Are you surprised that Facebook wants to enter the online banking business? Or become an online stock trader? Or be a place where you can find your next job? Or let you share all your musical likes? Or be your local movie theater? Some might even ask, “Is Facebook taking over the world?” The Continue Reading →
Re-syndicated from Reviewing more than 125 resumés for MENG members during the past three years, I discovered that many could be improved easily. These seven improvements are taken from my recent MENGinar “How to Improve Your Resumé in 60 Minutes,” which is available to members at 1. Be Consistent You must be consistent Continue Reading →
There are several typical strategies used to defend against new competitors that apply to all types and sizes of businesses. IGNORE: Often the best course is to simply ignore the new competitor, which typically isn’t as dangerous or directly targeted against your business as you initially imagine. The three advantages of this “no-action” strategy are: Continue Reading →
Last week I wrote about the local Saratoga Springs, NY HUD Board public relations disaster. They had done everything wrong by ignoring and then mishandling a problem with bedbugs and providing a “not our fault” response. You can look at the earlier blog and videos for a full account. The Board quickly had to decide Continue Reading →
Re-syndicated from I worked for many years for a company with a long-reigning CEO that many thought impossible to work with.  Yet, I loved working there.  It may have been the best fit for my skills of any of the many companies I worked for. I learned a great deal and used the following Continue Reading →

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