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Yahoo Mail

Yahoo confirms theft of 450K unencrypted passwords


Yahoo today confirmed that 450,000 unencrypted usernames and passwords were stolen Wednesday from one of its services, although it downplayed the threat. “We confirm that an older file from Yahoo! Contributor Network, previously Associated Content, containing approximately 450,000 Yahoo! and other company usernames and passwords was compromised yesterday, July 11,” Yahoo said in a statement […]


Yahoo gets hacked as 400,000+ plaintext credentials are posted online

Yahoo has reportedly been hacked after the plaintext credentials for 400,000 logins were found to have been posted online, according to security expert Trusted Sec. The report — via Ars Technica — suggests that the user data is from the company’s Yahoo Voices content network, and the security firm has expressed its concern that it […]

Super Cyber War

Weapons of Mass Disruption – The Super Cyber Wars Have Begun


hile we are busy worrying about Kim Kardashian, sound bite politics and banning 64 oz cups of sugary soft drinks, the first super-cyber weapon has been quietly spying on and attacking things it doesn’t like.  Huge stealthy computer viruses with capabilities that sound like the stuff of science fiction have been hard a work, collecting […]


Cyberwar 1.0: China vs The USA … We’re in trouble!


“In the past year, one in seven large organisations detected hackers within their systems.” This is the highest level recorded, said the recently released PwC 2012 Information Security Breaches Survey.  It was completed in conjunction with Infosecurity Europe and supported by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The survey goes on to say; “This […]