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Until recently, the name Airbnb was not something tossed around in the average news cycle or dinner party.  However, since a story recently broke about malicious use of rented property and Airbnb’s apparent woeful management of the crisis, the name is everywhere…and not in a good way. Airbnb describes itself as a company engaged in Continue Reading →
The Bachelorette
Did you watch this week’s episode of The Bachelorette?  Ashley and the remaining three bachelors escaped to the Fiji Islands, one of the most perfect vacation spots in the world, where Ashley talked repeatedly about just how perfect everything was there.  She even talked about just how perfect each bachelor was for her and just Continue Reading →
iPhone Password
For companies that can be broken if their security breaks (anything from email providers, to cell phone providers), headlines like “Phone Hacking Scandal” should garner special attention.  The latest “phone hacking” scandal involving allegations that reporters at News of the World listened to or tampered with voicemails of, potentially, over 10,000 victims, has left many Continue Reading →
The Bachelorette
Did you watch last night’s episode of The Bachelorette?  After weeks of anticipation, Ashley finally went on her hometown dates with the remaining four bachelors, Ben, Constantine, JP, and Ames.  Every visit to the ‘in-law families’ was like a scene one would imagine when thinking of life in America – everyone gathered to meet the Continue Reading →
Leiby Kletzky
At almost nine-years-old, Leiby Kletzky was flexing his muscle. He wanted to walk home by himself. His father practiced the route with him and, on a fateful day in July, it was agreed that his mother would meet him half way. As you know, the plan went terribly wrong. Leiby got confused, made a wrong Continue Reading →
Facial Recognition
There was an interesting article on the AP this week entitled, “Israel blocks airborne protest, questions dozens.” It described how Israeli security used social media sites to compile a “blacklist” of undesirable individuals and then prevented many of them from entering the country. It’s a good read if you’re interested in Palestinian/Israeli politics. I have Continue Reading →
The Bachelorette
Did you watch last night’s episode of The Bachelorette which ended with an interview with previous season’s bachelorette Emily Maynard?  Emily talked openly about her struggles with Bachelor Brad Womack and confirmed the end of their relationship.  Amid the tears and knee-jerk moments, Emily repeated quite a few times how much she had gone into Continue Reading →

Hackers Unite

The thieves who made off with more than $2.5M from Citibank and caused the bank to issue 100,000 replacement bank cards have highlighted an alarming trend. Hackers are evolving. And, they are organizing and uniting. They even have a Twitter account. Before the advent of the Internet, we called these hackers “robbers” or “criminals” or Continue Reading →

My Child is My Teacher

Tween Computer Use
Technology has changed so much in the last two decades that it’s hard to keep pace with all the developments. Twenty years ago middle school kids might have had one class on typing or word processing.  A few lucky kids may have had a computer in their homes.  Today, modern tweens have a footprint on Continue Reading →
Anthony Weiner
We like to warn our children about many things and lately sexting has been on the top of the list. We caution against it, put applications in place to prevent it, and even treat kids as criminals over it. However, it is us adults who are getting far more press about it lately than kids Continue Reading →

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