Hi Tech Gifts for the Holiday – Shelly Palmer’s Guide


I just finished shooting “Shelly Palmer’s High Tech Holiday Gift Guide” for Fox 5 here in New York. It’s going to air December 10th at 10:30pm on Fox 5 and My9. I cover all kinds of great tech gifts in the show, from HDTV to toys. Here’s a quick overview of some small, reasonably priced […]


Get Kinected


Motion-based gaming is all the rage and Microsoft is jumping in on the action. Microsoft’s controller-free gaming system, Kinect, works with any Xbox console and hits stores this week for $150. Microsoft expects to sell 5 million units this holiday season, which could increase quarterly revenue as much as $750 million. Read the full story […]

Live Digital with Shelly Palmer Episode #42


This week on Live Digital. Is Steve Jobs Santa? Where’s my white iPhone? Are you ready for Facebook friendship pages? And, how do you loan someone an e-book from your Kindle? I’ll talk with Microsoft’s Molly O’Donnell about the new Xbox Kinect. I’ll chat with vault.com’s Managing Editor, Brian Dalton about the best way to […]

Is Steve Jobs Santa?


What toys are children requesting for the holidays? Well, they’re not toys at all! According to the Duracell Toy Report, the three most wanted items of kids 5 to 16 years-old are all Apple products including the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and the iPad. Other popular requests are Kinect for Xbox and the Flip Video […]

Share e-Books With Your Kindle, Finally!

Share e-Books With Your Kindle, Finally! Amazon will finally let Kindle users swap e-books with other Kindle owners. Amazon announced that Kindle users could start lending e-books to friends for a 14-day period. However, during that time the lender does not have access to the book. Also, not every book will be available for sharing, […]