Mobile & Wireless


Swarm (iOS 8) Lets You Check-In With a Single Swipe


Checking in should have always been automatic — a feature every phone shipped with that lets you keep up with friends and track where you’ve been. Even Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley, who popularized the check in, would say so. But until the last year or two, the technology required to track your location without eating […]

Google Now

Google Now Beats Siri and Cortana in Head-to-Head Quiz

There is nothing sweeter than pulling out your phone, asking it a question, and getting back the one obscure piece of information you need to settle a debate or win a drunken bet. Smartphones from Google, Apple, and Microsoft all offer a personal assistant who claims to be flush with knowledge drawn from around the […]

Google Glass

The Head of Google X Says ‘Wearables are Tough’

Google’s Web-connected headset, called Glass, is still just in its prototype phase, but its reception thus far has been polarizing. Astro Teller, head of Google X, the experimental division of the search giant that makes Glass, on Tuesday opened up about its challenges. “I have learned, at a certain next level, that wearables are tough,” […]

iPhone 6

WSJ: The iPhone 6 is Forcing Apple to Delay the 12.9″ iPad

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the much-rumored 12.9-inch iPad is being delayed by Apple because of high demand for the new iPhone 6 Plus. The newspaper claims that, while production of the jumbo tablet was slated to begin in December, Apple isn’t satisfied with the rate at which the iPhone 6 Plus is […]

iOS 8

Why iOS 8 Adoption is Slower Than Normal

Over the last few years, iPhone and iPad users have been quick to adopt the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS. But iOS 8 seems to be playing out differently. A lot differently. According to multiple sources, iOS 8 downloads have basically flatlined. Mixpanel reports iOS 8 users currently make up 45 percent of total […]