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Fat Kids: Does TV Advertising Really Work?


Are they right?  Advertisers will tell you that spot television is less effective now than ever before.  It is hard to reach an audience and even harder to measure lift from any specific ad campaign.  The old saw, “… 50% of my advertising works, I just don’t know which 50%.” is still heard in the […]


TiVo Says President Yudkovitz Resigns


As you know, Marty Yudkovitz is the Vice-chariman of the Advanced Media Technology Emmy Awards.  The cut and paste from Reuters follows.  In other TiVo news the company is launching an SDK (software development kit) for third party developers.  What does that mean to you?  Lots of new home-brew and third party TiVo-centric software, downloads, […]


Are Music Videos Content? Verizon/Warner Music Video Phones and more …


I sat in a conference room at Universal Music Group a few months ago with some very high ranking officials and was surprised to hear one marketing executive tell me that music videos were, “valuable content” and, “UMG should be compensated when a network or show airs them.”  I asked her the obvious question, aren’t […]


MythTV … a non-mythical solution


The New York Times published a front-page article about MythTV this past Sunday (1/30/05).  MythTV is one of dozens of home-brew PVR (personal video recorder) websites – it basically is a DIY TiVo.  However, the Times lumps it into a genus of technologies dedicated to helping people steal pay-per-view and premium television.  The builders of […]

Google Video

Google For TV


One of the most interesting things at the NATPE convention this week was Google’s new video search tool.  In its present state, it is not very useful – however – one of its probable futures could significantly change the way about half of us watch television.  Here’s their official press release, it’s a quick read.  […]