What Podcasting Isn’t


An old friend of mine sent me an email a few days ago that went something like this … “Maybe you can help me out.  I’m looking for sponsors for our Podcast show.” One has to be a friend to have a friend, so I dutifully visited his website and listened to a few of […]

Internet TV

IPTV at Streaming Media East


I was delighted to moderate a panel discussion at Streaming Media East yesterday entitled, Enabling Open-Architecture-Based IPTV Services.  This is an eclectic subject — even for me. My fellow panelists included Peggy Dau, Solution Portfolio Manager Digital Content Distribution NSP Broadband & Media Solutions for HP; Hamilton Altstatt, Director Research & Development, Idealab and the […]


iTunes for TV is here!!!


The British aren’t coming … they’re here!  The BBC will move a step closer to delivering what it calls “iTunes for the broadcast industry” later this year, launching a public trial of iMP, which allows viewers to download any show from the previous week that they may have missed. Some of us call this a […]

Good Morning America

GMA First to HD


According to Michael Starr at the New York Post, Good Morning America (GMA) ABC New’s (now very, very competitive morning show) will start broadcasting in HD (High Definition Television) this fall.  If all goes as planned, they will shoot the studio segments in HD and upconvert SD (Standard Definition Television) footage from other sources to […]

Bill Gates

Bill says, “Apple’s just lucky!”


This article appeared in the New York Post.  It’s priceless.  There’s Sabre rattling and then, there’s Sabre rattling.  On a more specific topic, you can be sure that the cell phone purveyors are thinking about a phone-based MP3 world.  But, as history has so often shown — thinking doesn’t mean you going to get it […]