Gas Prices

The road ahead: How we’ll get to 54.5 mpg by 2025


At the end of August this year, the US Department of Transport’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new standards to significantly improve the fuel economy of cars and light trucks by 2025. Last week, we took a look at a range of recent engine technologies that […]


Math Can Make Your Batteries Charge Twice as Fast

Most battery advances concentrate on improving hardware, but researchers from the University of California San Diego have developed new algorithms that can cut lithium-ion battery charge times in half. Usually battery behavior is tracked by monitoring voltage and current, but according to the researchers relying on those measures leads to over-designed, oversized batteries that weigh […]

Black Mamba

Black mamba venom could contain a fantastic painkiller


Most people, if asked to contemplate a snakebite, would probably imagine a world of pain. But the venoms of snakes are very complex mixtures of chemicals, many of which have unexpected effects on the body. Now, researchers have dug through the contents of venom from the black mamba, and found it contains a potent painkiller, […]

White Dwarf

White Dwarf Atmosphere Recreated In The Lab

White dwarfs are the glowing lumps of carbon left over after stars have used up all their fuel. They are hot, dense and small, typically with the mass of the Sun packed into the volume of the Earth. The structure of these objects is complex. Astronomers cannot see the glowing carbon embers because white dwarfs […]