White Dwarf

White Dwarf Atmosphere Recreated In The Lab


White dwarfs are the glowing lumps of carbon left over after stars have used up all their fuel. They are hot, dense and small, typically with the mass of the Sun packed into the volume of the Earth. The structure of these objects is complex. Astronomers cannot see the glowing carbon embers because white dwarfs […]


NASA’s Curiosity rover checks in on Foursquare, gives Mars its first mayor

Yes, seriously. NASA announced on Wednesday that its Curiosity rover had “checked in” on Mars via Foursquare. Marking the first check in from another world, the robotic rover will utilize the location-minded social network to share updates and pictures while visiting the Red Planet. While Curiosity will continue to explore the possibilities of Mars being […]

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – September 27, 2012


[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] A team of scientists in the UK has teamed up with a group of fashion designers to come up with the ultimate green fashion product.  They’ve created the CatCo laundry additive, a substance that when added to your laundry, creates clothing that pulls pollutants out of the […]

Jeans Treated With Catalytic Clothing Additive

Laundry additive turns shirts, pants into pollution eaters


Last year, we heard about the first article of Catalytic Clothing, an experimental dress that pulls pollutants out of the atmosphere. Now the technology is moving along to the point where it could be used as a liquid laundry additive and become part of our regular clothes washing chores. According to a release from the […]

Albert Einstein

New iPad app shows inner workings of Einstein’s brain

The story goes that one of the world’s greatest geniuses had a slightly different shaped brain than mere mortals. Now anyone can verify the tale for themselves with a new iPad app. The National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago launched an interactive app today that has about 350 scanned and digitized slides of Albert […]