Bird brains? Crows remember your face (and know you’re hiding in there)


One of the most enjoyable facets of studying other species is discovering the amazing things they’re capable of. As humans, the things we tend to find most amazing are the abilities that remind us the most of, well, us—parrots that can speak, bonobos that play Pac-Man, monkeys that use rocks like hammers to crack nuts, […]


3-D Printing Goes Prehistoric with a Kickstarted Dinosaur


Paleoartist Tyler Keillor has long specialized in sculpting realistic clay dinosaur heads for museums and universities, but for his next project — an exacting replica of a full Dryptosaurs built entirely as a 3-D digital object — Kiellor needed a little help from the crowd. He set up a modest Kickstarter campaign to help buy […]

Columbia University

Columbia, Brown, and 15 More Universities Join Coursera’s Free Online Platform


Coursera, the platform for “massively open online courses” founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng of Stanford, announced today that it has doubled its number of university partners. The new roster includes several global institutions. Since its debut earlier this year, 1.3 million people have signed up for a free six- to ten-week Coursera class, […]

Black Friday Money

Why It Is About to Get a Lot More Difficult to Produce Counterfeit Cash


A team of scientists led by Jon Kellar at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology have come up with a special QR code—using nanoparticles combined with blue and green fluorescent ink—that can be used to prevent counterfeiters from getting away with passing along forged cash. The code is designed with standard computer-aided design […]


Mars Might Not Have Been as Moist as We Thought


There’s plenty of science suggesting Mars was once home to water. But new research suggests that much of the evidence, in the form of clay, could have come from lava and not lakes—and that would decrease the chance of life having existed on the red planet. Previously, scientists have assumed that layers of clay found […]