NASA plans mission to study hidden interior of Mars

NASA plans to launch a relatively modest Mars lander in 2016 that will make a rocket-powered descent to the surface to study whether the red planet’s core is solid or liquid and whether the planet has tectonic plates that slowly move like continents on Earth, agency managers said Monday. The primary goals of the cost-capped […]


U.S. Military Designing Anti-Suicide Spray


A scientist from the Indiana University School of Medicine has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Army to design a nasal spray designed to suppress thoughts of suicide. Read the full story at Mashable


We Were Totally Wrong About the Sun’s Shape Until Yesterday


For as long as we’ve bothered to care about heavenly bodies other than our own, we’ve thought that the size of the Sun varies throughout its 11-year solar cycles. Intense magnetic forces, the theory went, rendered it as malleable as a sturdy stress ball. That was a good theory, backed up by decades of data. […]


Why the Mars Mission Matters


Imagine a nuclear powered machine that travels nine months and more than 350 million miles through the galaxy. Upon arriving at its target planet, the 2,000-pound machine suddenly hurtles downward in a guided entry pattern, in a period called “The Seven Minutes of Terror,” enduring temperatures as high as 3,800 degrees… Just milliseconds before landing, […]