The Moon Is Even Deadlier Than We Thought


Sci-fi fantasies have long predicted that we might live on the moon. But while the lack of atmosphere poses a problem for lunar living, there may be an even bigger sticking point: new research suggests that the moon’s surface is itself toxic to humans. For obvious reasons, long-term human exposure to the moon’s environment has […]

Project 1640

Project 1640 offers new way to search for planets beyond our solar system


It’s taken more than six years of development, but a new imaging system for the Palomar Observatory’s 200-inch Hale Telescope finally started capturing images last month, and promises to aid significantly in the search for planets outside our solar system (otherwise known as exoplanets). With the suitably mysterious name of “Project 1640,” the new instrument […]


Magnetic Cells Give Sense of Direction to Fish


After spending 3 years at sea and traveling up to 300 kilometers away from home, a rainbow trout can swim straight back to its original hatching ground, following freshwater streams inland and rarely heading in the wrong direction. This remarkable feat of navigation likely relies on many senses; the fish have superb eyesight and smell. […]


Why the Internet Isn’t Going to End College As We Know It


The idea that Internet is about to do to college what it’s done to journalism and entertainment seems to be coming dangerously close to conventional wisdom in certain elite circles. Here’s blogger/economist Tyler Cowen yesterday at the Aspen Ideas Festival: Look at the music industry. It’s been completely overturned by the Internet. My vision of […]