From Simulated Life To Simulated Marketing


Scientists at Stanford University and the J. Craig Venter Institute have developed the first software simulation of an entire organism, a humble single-cell bacterium that lives in the human genital and respiratory tracts. – NY Times article 7/20/2012 When you are done reading below, take a minute or two to read the NY Times article on […]

iTunes U

iTunes U Now Lets Teachers Invite Students to Lesson Plans

Apple’s online educational catalog, iTunes U, updated its app and website on Wednesday by adding enhanced features to make it even more convenient for students and educators. Now, educators have the ability to distribute courses privately and invite students to take them. Any teacher can signup to offer courses via iTunes U. Launched in 2007, […]

Brittany Wenger

17-year-old girl builds artificial ‘brain’ to detect breast cancer


An artificial “brain” built by a 17-year-old whiz kid from Florida is able to accurately assess tissue samples for signs of breast cancer, providing more confidence to a minimally invasive procedure. The cloud-based neural network took top prize in this year’s Google Science Fair. “I taught the computer how to diagnose breast cancer,” Brittany Wenger, […]

News Corp.

News Corp to launch tablet education pilot


News Corp. on Monday named its grade school education business Amplify and said it and AT&T would fund a pilot project that aims to put tablet computers in students’ hands in the coming school year. AT&T will provide tablet computers that work on its 4G network and Wi-Fi network. None of the schools selected to […]