Europe’s Rosetta Satellite is the First to Ever Orbit a Comet


After a ten year journey through space, the European Space Agency’s satellite Rosetta has finally rendezvoused with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko—making it the first satellite to ever begin orbiting a comet. Referred to by ESA scientists as “the sexiest, most fantastic mission ever,” Rosetta spent the early hours of this morning conducting a series of maneuvers and […]

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand’s Video Check-Ups Make Their Way to the Desktop

Doctor on Demand announced on Wednesday a desktop browser version of its video service for on-demand doctor’s visits. The company has also closed a $21 million Series A funding round and signed a partnership with Comcast that will offer the cable company’s employees free access to the service. Previously, patients could take appointments on iOS […]

Google Glass

Stanford’s Med Students Are Using Google Glass to Learn Surgery


Like their fellow future doctors down the road in Irvine, medical students at Stanford University will learn surgical methods with a hand from Google Glass. Those studying cardiothoracic techniques are set use Mountain View’s high-tech spectacles to stream their views in real-time to instructors with the help of CrowdOptic — a company that’s part of […]

Man-Made Biological Leaf

This Man-Made Leaf Turns Water and Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen


If humanity hopes to realize its dreams of exploring the stars, we’re going to need to find ways to recreate life on Earth aboard a spaceship. Simply stockpiling enough vital supplies isn’t going to cut it, which is what led Julian Melchiorri, a student at the Royal College of Art, to create an artificial biological […]

The Melt's 'Smart Box'

‘The Melt’ Used Science to Create the Perfect Grilled Cheese for Delivery


Moist. Cold. Soggy. Not words you want to associate with your grilled cheese sandwich. Or anything edible, really. Nevertheless, they were adjectives that fit the fare of The Melt, a high-end San Francisco-based sandwich chain, whenever it tried to deliver hot grilled cheeses to hungry lunch customers. How were office-goers going to get their hangover […]