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The Tweet Is Mightier Than The Pen: How Micro-Fame, Micro-Bloggers And Micro-Events Will Change The World


Earlier this week, I was invited to speak at Jeff Pulver’s Social Communications Summit #SocComm. It was one of the most fascinating events I have ever attended. First, there were a group of extraordinary speakers including: @garyvee, @jeffjarvis, @kenbot and @chrisbrogan. But, as extraordinary as the speakers were, the attendees were more so. Everyone I […]


Tweets, Status and News Feeds For All


Excerpted from my upcoming book Get Digital: Reinventing Yourself and Your Career for the 21st Century Economy (2009, Lake House Press) Feeding near real time news to the public has been around since the American Telegraph Company invented the first stock ticker. The device, which fed stock quotes over long distances, utilized the wired telegraph […]