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All That Twitters Is Gold … Not


The Inter-web is in over-tweet! The citizens of Facebookistan are being phished and spammed. 20-somethings are ditching Facebook and creating LinkedIn profiles so they can join the “real world.” And no one ever speaks of MySpace in polite company. Tweet, tweet, tweet or, should I say, yammer, yammer yammer? There are a few thousand companies […]

Twitter In Over Its Head MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer May 26, 2009


If you are having trouble viewing our video player, check out MediaBytes on YouTube. It’s getting tough to be Twitter. They’re short on employees, short on revenue and, some say, short on service. The good news is that both Evan Williams and Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founders know that they’re in over their head and they […]

Cloud Life Chronicles Part 2: Audrina, The Facebook Ninja


In our last episode, Debbie's Facebook account had been hijacked. She would receive random notes from her friends telling her that they suspected that her account had been hacked, but everything looked fine. Then, the cybercriminal opened a chat to me from her account typing, "... still stuck in London." Since, at that very moment, Debbie was standing next to me, it was pretty obvious we had a problem.