MediaBytes 07.05.07


APPLE is on the verge of partnering with Telef√≥nica’s O2 to bring the iPhone to the UK. The phone will operate on O2’s 2.5G network, not the faster 3G standard. Reports circled earlier this week claiming that Apple will partner with Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile to release the phone in Germany. CABLE PROVIDERS are preparing to […]

MediaBytes 07.02.07


YAHOO will announce Yahoo Smart Ads today. Smart Ads will utilize behavioral targeting to create more relevant advertisements. Using the new technology, ads will be created on the spot, utilizing several known factors about a user — including recently-visited sites, location, age, and income. THE FCC issued waivers for the July 1st ban on integrated […]


Indecent TV an FCC Focus


FCC Commissioner, Deborah Taylor Tate gave an interesting speech at the 46th Annual New York State Broadcasters Association Conference in Lake George the other day. She was sandwiched between David Rehr, president and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters and Governor Eliot Spitzer, so her remarks were shorter than planned. She has posted the […]

MediaBytes 06.25.07


sharedVideo(1027011853) OGILVY & MATHER‘s Internet ad for Dove took the top prize at the 54th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. The 60-second spot was widely distributed on the web via blogs and YouTube, and the award is being called a “milestone” for web advertising. The ad can be viewed here. NIELSEN and NETRATINGS have officially […]

MediaBytes – 06.22.07


BLINKX is planning to launch a new online video ad platform. The system is called AdHoc, and it will use audio recognition to place targeted ads inside and next to online video. AdHoc is expected to be announced on Monday. VERIZON‘s FiOS TV service will fail to comply with the FCC mandate to offer CableCARD-ready […]