MediaBytes 09.07.2007


APPLE wants to slash the price of TV show downloads in half, according to a new report in Variety. The company has been presenting studios with the idea of selling shows for $0.99 per episode, telling them that increased volume will make up for the price drop. However, the studios are concerned that such low-priced […]

MediaBytes 08.21.2007


ADOBE will add support for the H.264 standard to its Flash video player. An announcement is expected today, with a beta version of the upgraded software available for download immediately. Flash is installed on 98% of computers, and is favored by YouTube and other video-sharing sites. The move should help boost the quality of Internet […]

MediaBytes 08.14.2007


TIVO‘s STOP/WATCH service announced the top commercials for the June ratings period. According to TiVo data, the ten most-watched commercials all ran during the May 29th season finale of “House” on Fox. The commercials ranged from a 9.4 rating to a 12.1 rating, when all views were accounted for. However, the episode itself received a […]

Government Regulation

The Right To Keep and Bear Cameras


Should the government regulate the use of still or video cameras in public spaces? National monuments? Bridges and tunnels? How about regulating phones with cameras or video recorders in public lavatories? OK, how about this: Should the government be able to regulate production crew activities that will impact the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic […]

MediaBytes 08.01.2007


THE FCC approved the “open access” provision for the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction, which will allow consumers to use any compatible wireless device on 22 of the 62 available megahertz. However, the Commission will not require licensees to resell spectrum to other service providers. The auction will take place before January 28, 2008, and […]