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The Web on Life Support


Re-syndicated from MediaBizBloggers.com Wired called it last year: “The Web is dead. Long life the Internet.” Sounded a bit silly at that time but facts speak louder than an attention-grabbing headline: Flurry just released a study indicating that people spend more time on mobile apps than on the web. Mashable reports: “Flurry compared its mobile […]

Career Advice from Hollywood

Re-syndicated from MENGonline.com It’s All Lies, & That’s the Truth, by Bernie Brillstein, is my favorite business book.  It gives remarkable advice about successfully dealing with people. How can you not love a book that presents fifty rules from fifty years of making a living in Hollywood that are concurrently insightful, universal, outrageous, and usually […]

L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire – Rockstar’s Gamble Pays Off

Re-syndicated from NY Videogame Critics Circle To spend tens of millions of dollars on a brand new adventure game, one that evokes everything from Grim Fandango to Police Quest: Open Season, is a big gamble these days. But when I played about eight hours of L.A. Noire yesterday, I felt the gamble had paid off. […]


Hackers Unite


The thieves who made off with more than $2.5M from Citibank and caused the bank to issue 100,000 replacement bank cards have highlighted an alarming trend. Hackers are evolving. And, they are organizing and uniting. They even have a Twitter account. Before the advent of the Internet, we called these hackers “robbers” or “criminals” or […]

Remote Control

Tomorrow Will Be Televised: A Look Ahead to the Second Half

What can possibly follow an extremely active first six months of 2011? Try these observations out for size: ***Original programming on cable networks continues its summer dominance over broadcast networks. We’re now at the point where on some weeknights other than Friday or Saturday, the combined ABC/CBS/NBC share of households is 16 or 17 percent, […]