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How to Find a Networking Group That’s Worth Your Time


Americans are always on the move. Since our nation’s founding, we have roamed our vast country in search of opportunity or a fresh start. In fact, this interactive map from The New York Times shows where people came from as they entered your own state — dating back to 1800. California in the 20th century? A lot of folks from […]

Internet Speed

States with Faster Internet Access Have Smarter People


Despite several doomsday claims that the Internet is breeding a generation of morons, new analysis suggests the opposite may be true. We gathered the 2013 average ACT scores for each state from act.org and compared them with the 2013 Internet speed data from Akamai that was highlighted in a recent Broadview article. We found a correlation of .57. Given that […]

Candy Crush Saga

7 Ways Other People Are Productive While You Play Candy Crush


Look, I know you love Candy Crush. We all do. But every time I receive this Facebook notification… [Facebook friend] invites you to play Candy Crush Saga. …I think, “Man, what a time sucker that game is.” The super-addictive app and its red, orange and yellow candies steal precious seconds from our day. OK, just another five minutes and then I’m […]