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Hilary Kramer - Live Digital #54
Next on Live Digital: Is eBay the next mega-retailer? Will Amazon beat out Google for the streaming music market? Is cloud computing the future of data storage? And, will American Express change the way we make purchases? Plus, I’ll chat with financial expert Hilary Kramer about how the web can help your finances, I’ll talk Continue Reading →
Next on Live Digital: Is AT&T’s 3G network really faster than Verizon’s? Has Adobe figured out how to get Flash to play on your iPhone? And, are your electronic devices really keeping you up at night? Plus, I’ll chat with cyber security expert Hemanshu Nigam about keeping you safe online, I’ll talk with Brett King Continue Reading →
Next on Live Digital: Is it time to buy an iPad 2? Can you game Google and get better search results? Are Macs now more vulnerable to hackers? And, will Research In Motion make everyone a Crackberry addict? Plus, I’ll chat with Nina Zagat about the new, I’ll talk with social media consultant, Juliette Powell Continue Reading →
Live Digital - March 1, 2011
Next on Live Digital: Is the Motorola Xoom an iPad killer? Should you buy one now? When is the iPad 2 coming out? Is amazon really offering free shipping and free movies? And, can cell phones really fry your brain? Plus, I’ll chat with Nancy Smith from iRobot about how bots can do our dirty Continue Reading →
Pepsi's Bonin Bough
Next on Live Digital: Worried about cyber-security? Iran should be. Will the “Do Not Track Me Online Act” become law? Are you going to want a Windows Phone 7? And, are we being taxed too much for wireless services? I’ll talk 3DTV with Simon Applebaum. Plus, Dynalink Communication’s Larry Fishelson will tell me where bandwidth Continue Reading →
Next on Live Digital: What is China doing about social media in Egypt? What’s in store for Angry Birds? Is Verizon really offering an unlimited data plan? And, what is the world’s most popular smartphone platform? Plus, I’ll talk with Ben Thomas about Canon camcorders. I’ll remind myself to speak with the Jeremy Toeman, creator of about his online Continue Reading →
Next on Live Digital: How do people spend their time online? Why is Facebook in the privacy hotseat again? Are you ready for a baby Woolly Mammoth? And, how many kids really want their parents as Facebook friends? Plus, I’ll talk with Cliff Wener, SVP of Paltalk, about I’ll speak with David-Michel Davies about the biggest challenges facing Continue Reading →
Next on Live Digital: Is the Verizon iPhone finally here? What’s the coolest gadget for 2011? Is Motorola’s Xoom tablet the first real iPad killer? And, how will Netflix compete with all of the new online video services? Plus, I’ll talk with TiVo’s Vice President and General Manager of Content Services, Tara Maitra. I’ll chat Continue Reading →
Live Digital Episode #46
Next on Live Digital: What makes a Facebook post popular? Is your cell phone vulnerable to a cyber attack? Can Samsung’s Galaxy Player compete with Apple’s iPod touch? And, can you name Amazon’s best-selling product of all time? Plus, I’ll talk with “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” author, Harold Goldberg. I’ll chat with Continue Reading →
How should we define Journalism in the 21st Century?
This week on Live Digital: Do you love Facebook’s new profile page design? What will happen to your online presence when you die? Why is Microsoft planning a “do not track” feature into IE9? And, you won’t believe how much of your daily email is spam. Plus. I’ll talk with Microsoft’s Bill McQuain about business Continue Reading →

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