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Twitch Plays Pokemon
“With an infinite number of monkeys and an infinite number of typewriters, one will type Shakespeare’s plays.” — Émile Borel. There’s a fascinating social experiment currently underway right now: Up to 75,000 people are “playing” a single game of Pokemon Red over on In the five-and-a-half days since the stream started, over 9 million Continue Reading →
Comcast and Time Warner
In 2009, Blair Levin was hired by the FCC to help the agency craft a national broadband plan. Way back then, it was clear that FCC chairman Julius Genachowski intended to reclaim a significant amount of television spectrum and repurpose it for broadband. A telling Craig Moffet quote (usually cited as a Julius Genachowski quote) Continue Reading →
I’m not a cord-cutter, but lots of my friends are. I don’t know that I’ll ever be a cord-cutter – I just watch too much TV and don’t want to deal with streaming my shows online or resorting to piracy; I just let my TiVo do its thing. But cord-cutters are becoming more and more Continue Reading →
3D Printed Dollhouse
3D Printing technology came of age at this year’s International CES. From printed drum shells to collectables to jewelry, 3D printers were doing it all. 3D Systems announced the Cube 3, which they say will be the world’s first sub-$1,000 3D printer. It features a resolution of 75 microns, which is almost four times the Continue Reading →
I watch a lot of TV, but I watch even more movies. I’ve seen 136 movies that came out in 2013 so far, with about 20 to go. As I was putting a list of my favorites together, I noticed two major themes kept popping up. Last year was a great year for coming-of-age tales, Continue Reading →

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