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Facebook Gets Stern With Developers A recent Wall Street Journal report revealed that many of Facebook’s most popular apps, like FarmVille, are leaking users’ personal information to third parties. Facebook has a very clear policy prohibiting developers from sharing user information, and warned developers that those who violate the policy would be suspended or disabled Continue Reading →
Father & Son Launch iPhone Into Outer Space Luke Geissbuhler and his 7-year-old son used a weather balloon to launch an iPhone and HD camera into space. Their mission was to “film the blackness beyond our earth.” The balloon burst after 70 minutes and fell back to earth. Father and son used the iPhone’s GPS Continue Reading →

Mobile Phones Improve Lives

Mobile Phones Improve Lives A new study from the U.N. identifies mobile phones as an important tool for improving the lives of the poorest people in developing countries. Mobile phones can play a role in creating new jobs for people with little education or resources. While mobile penetration is only 58 percent in developing countries, Continue Reading →

Bing Search Gets Social

Bing Search Gets Social Bing and Facebook announced an extension to their partnership on Wednesday. Bing search results will now feature a section that shows Facebook profiles and highlights articles that were “liked” on Facebook by a user’s friends. Microsoft’s Qi Liu, president of Online Services explained that Bing wants to make social people part Continue Reading →
Online Ad Revenue At All-Time High Online advertising revenue in the U.S. reached an all-time high of $6.2 billion in the second quarter, an overall increase of 14 percent. While search ads are still the leading source of revenue for online advertising, digital video ad revenue increased 31 percent. The consumer-packaged goods and pharmaceutical industries Continue Reading →
Windows 7 Smartphones Unveiled Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer unveiled the final version of the Windows 7 mobile operating system on Monday. The Windows 7 OS will run on 9 different smartphones from manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Dell. The new phones will premiere on AT&T’s network November 8th and will expand to T-Mobile, Verizon and Continue Reading →
Google Is Getting Into The Car Business Google has been working on developing a car that drives itself, using software that detects when something is near the car and makes decisions that mimic a human driver. The test car was recently spotted in California. It’s a Toyota Prius that looks like a normal car except Continue Reading →
92 Percent of Babies in U.S. Have An Online Presence Ninety-two percent of American children, under the age of two, have an online presence according to a new study from Internet security firm AVG. Often, photos of babies are uploaded and shared on sites like Facebook with the child’s full name, birth date and even Continue Reading →
Facebook Gives Users More Control Facebook unveiled a series of new tools on Wednesday, most notably the “Groups” feature, which allows users to create small sub-groups within the site. Groups are closed by default and act as a space for group members to share documents, photos and messages. Facebook will also now allow users the Continue Reading →

Are There Any iPad Killers?

Are There Any iPad Killers? Tablets are all the rage and every consumer electronics manufacturer is trying to get in on the action, but can any of them compete with Apple’s iPad? According to Chris Whitmore, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, the answer is ‘No.’ It will be difficult for iPad competitors to compete with Continue Reading →

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