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Internet Speed
Despite several doomsday claims that the Internet is breeding a generation of morons, new analysis suggests the opposite may be true. We gathered the 2013 average ACT scores for each state from and compared them with the 2013 Internet speed data from Akamai that was highlighted in a recent Broadview article. We found a correlation of .57. Given that Continue Reading →
Tech in the Classroom
This back-to-school season, students more than ever are arriving to classrooms equipped with digital devices and learning tools. Apps, videos and other online resources that can be accessed from iPads, Androids devices, Chromebooks and the like are profoundly impacting the learning process. While many elementary, middle and high school students are already accustomed to technology-enabled Continue Reading →
Technology on the Go
Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop going on vacation. Depending on your schedule or budget, you might be able to squeeze in one more long weekend away before the weather starts to cool off and it’s time to get back into your regular routine. While you are busy Continue Reading →
U.S History Apps
Before Fourth of July fireworks and cookouts commence, students of all ages should have a clear understanding of why we celebrate Independence Day. These mobile apps not only chronicle the events and sacrifices that preceded the birth of our nation, but also provide in-depth looks into U.S. History! American Revolution Interactive Timeline for iPad (Free iPad) Continue Reading →
Mobile messaging apps may be a dime a dozen, but they’re still big business – and, in fact, worth many, many dimes. In the last week, two messaging apps have made big waves in the mobile world: Slingshot and Yo. Both apps are pretty simple and minimal – or maybe I’m dumb and I just don’t Continue Reading →

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon finally unveiled its long-awaited smartphone, the Fire Phone. #epicfail #at&texclusiveareyoukidding #tooheavyandawkward #toolate #seenitbefore #wherearetheapps #shouldhavecalledzuckandaskedfirst #jeffwhatwereyouthinking Built around the Amazon Prime experience, the Fire Phone runs the same heavily tweaked version of Android found on the Kindle Fire. That means it’ll have access to the 240,000+ apps in the Amazon Appstore, but not every Continue Reading →
Best Anatomy Apps
When students delve into anatomical and molecular concepts in biology, they learn about complex processes that impact our everyday lives. Touchscreen devices bring more vitality to this process, as apps can help students better visualize and experiment with concepts first learned in the classroom. These five apps help educate middle and high school students on Continue Reading →

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