John Sun

Shelly Palmer Digital Leadership Podcast Episode #49 – John Sun of AvantCredit


AvantCredit uses machine learning to more accurately determine lending risk, rather than relying solely on credit score, which means Americans with less-than-perfect credit scores can get access up to $10,000. The best part? The entire process is done online and takes just days rather than weeks or months. Shelly Palmer talked to the company’s co-founder, […]

Ben Rhau and Kate Donahue

Shelly Palmer Digital Leadership Podcast Episode #48 – Ben Rhau of Foodie.com and Kate Donahue of FoodBabbles.com


This podcast features a second-helping of guests; Shelly Palmer chatted with Ben Rhau, who oversees editorial content for Foodie.com, and Kate Donahue, who runs FoodBabbles.com and contributed to the latest summer guide in Foodie’s app. What makes Foodie’s “Foodie Recipes” app unique and stand out in today’s digitally-driven culture? And, more importantly, when can we […]


Shelly Palmer Digital Leadership Podcast Episode #46 – John Edmunds of Verizon


In recent years, businesses have been using the cloud to facilitate more than just development and testing – it’s now being used in applications like mobile advertising, online purchasing of movie tickets and more. But as the cloud usage increases, so do security and infrastructure risks. Usage of cloud services, previously relegated to new product […]