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I’d love to tell you how great Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are, and do some hardcore fanboy gushing. But I can’t. The new iPhones are iterative and that’s all they can be. Like a big screen? You’re in luck. If you want a slightly better camera, a little more speed and Continue Reading →
Samsung recently unveiled its newest phablet, the Galaxy Note 4. The biggest improvement over previous versions is the phone’s aluminum frame, which continues trend a started by the Galaxy Alpha. Hopefully, this means we’ll see more of Samsung’s future releases encased in metal, too. The Note 4 also has a removable back, which means you Continue Reading →
The next time you go to a barbeque, you’re going to want to make sure you bring The Coolest along. A brand new cooler design, The Coolest recently became the most-funded Kickstarter campaign ever after raising more than $13 million in its 52 day campaign. There are plenty of reasons for the campaign’s 60,000 backers Continue Reading →
When Facebook launched Slingshot, some people saw it as nothing more than a Snapchat knockoff. But Slingshot had a unique feature: to see the photos or videos your friends sent you, you’d need to sling a photo or video back to them. The most recent update to the app, though, makes that feature optional. Now Continue Reading →
Facebook wants you to know exactly what you’re sharing with whom, and its latest feature, ‘Privacy Checkup,’ will help you do just that. After a successful test run in May, Facebook is now asking all of its users to complete the checkup, which makes you review your privacy settings and double-check your sharing preferences. The Continue Reading →
When you talk about hacking, you’ve got to remember there are all kinds. When a Russian crime ring amassed a billion stolen passwords earlier this year, it was an example of the kind of hacking that poses a real threat. There’s a whole other kind of hacking, though, which is what we saw recently when Continue Reading →
While Apple is set to unveil its new iPhone and smartwatch next week, it looks like the company is getting for more new hardware in the spring, too. Reports say Apple is about to start production on an iPad with a 12.9-inch screen. iPad sales have been dropping recently as more customers are content to Continue Reading →
Amazon recently announced that it was acquiring video game streaming site for $970 million. For months, it looked like it was a done deal for Google to buy Twitch for about $1 billion. So what happened? Reports suggest Google was concerned about antitrust issues, because Google already owns YouTube, which competes directly with Twitch Continue Reading →
If you’re looking for a new, smarter version of home security, check out simplicam by Closeli. Recently launched, simplicam is the world’s only home monitoring Wi-Fi solution that also includes face detection. That means you’ll only get alerts when someone’s in your home — and not when your cat tears through your living room and Continue Reading →
If you’re looking to upgrade your filmmaking arsenal, Instagram just gave you a brand new toy to play with. Instagram recently unveiled Hyperlapse, a brand new app that easily creates fast, time-lapse videos. Only available on iOS right now – with an Android version coming someday down the line – Hyperlapse is built around an Continue Reading →

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