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If you’re waiting for the next round of Apple hardware, your wait is almost over. Apple recently confirmed that it will announce its newest products on September 9. What should you expect from the event? Apple plays everything close to the vest, so it didn’t detail the products it would be unveiling, but it is Continue Reading →
Whether you’re the type of person who always needs the latest and greatest smartphone or you’re content to wait two years to upgrade, chances are good you probably have some old smartphones kicking around in a closet or junk drawer somewhere. Before you go and sell an old Android device, though, there are a few Continue Reading →
Got some extra space in your garage and need some extra cash? Check out Roost. Essentially Airbnb for storage, Roost is a new service that lets you rent out the extra space in your house to other people so they can store their stuff. If you’re shopping for storage, Roost’s website lets you search by Continue Reading →
Learning a new instrument can immensely frustrating. A new iPad app called Wolfie looks to make life easier for people learning to play the piano. Wolfie, which features a score-tracking cursor, digital score playback and more, aims to improve music reading proficiency and reward practice. With more than 750 musical scores spanning all difficulty levels, Continue Reading →
If you’re looking for more bang for your buck from your wireless provider, T-Mobile and Sprint are bending over backwards to gain your affection – and business. In a race to outdo each other and become the clear number three wireless provider in the U.S., T-Mobile and Sprint recently rolled out enticing new offers. T-Mobile Continue Reading →
No matter which wireless carrier you choose, chances are good that you’re probably going to have a pretty high monthly data bill. But thanks to Google Chrome’s mobile browser, you can use less data each month and maybe even save a few bucks. Google has a couple features in its browsers for Android and iOS Continue Reading →
If you’ve ever wanted to tour Mars from the comfort of your living room, today is your lucky day. In honor of the second year of Curiosity roving around the surface of Mars, Google now lets you virtually blast into outer space and poke around on the moon and Mars. To get into outer space, Continue Reading →
The e-paper screens you find on devices like the Kindle have many benefits, but their use has been fairly limited. A company called Visionect has developed a new platform designed to open up e-paper screens to a world of new uses. The V-Platform lets developers build and manage apps designed for e-paper screens as if Continue Reading →
If you think Siri is great, wait until you get a hold of Viv. Developed by the creative team behind Siri, Viv blows Siri out of the water. While Siri is limited to the tasks Apple wants it to do, Viv can teach itself and break down commands or questions into individual parts, figure everything Continue Reading →
Samsung recently debuted its new flagship phone, the Galaxy Alpha. With no press event and little fanfare, Samsung quietly took the wraps off its newest device, which features a metal case around a 4.7-inch screen, making it just smaller than the Galaxy S5. Its camera and battery fall a little shy of the Galaxy S5, Continue Reading →

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