Apple’s Flashback Malware Remover Now Live


Apple  released an integrated tool to remove Flashback, malware designed to steal user information that was found to be present in more than half a million machines just last week.  Read the full story at CNET  

How Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil Policy’ Can Actually Hurt You


Google’s unofficial corporate motto is “Don’t Be Evil.” Unfortunately, that motto can actually get Google’s customers in trouble when it comes to accidentally deleted information. Here’s what Google’s new, unified privacy policy says they do when you delete content from any Google service: “We aim to maintain our services in a manner that protects information […]

Can we please stop doing this?: Connecting to Facebook


I joined Pinterest this week!  Yes, you can now follow me on the fast-growing, lady-centric, thing-collecting social network under the name JordoPC. That’s not why I’m writing this though.  I’m writing to ask a simple favor of websites and social networks: Can we please stop connecting everything to Facebook? After waiting twelve hours for my […]