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The crowd went wild as the first dot of glowing red light became visible from atop Stratton Mountain. It was the beginning of the traditional New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade – about 100 ski instructors each holding a flare, skiing down the mountain in ever-larger synchronized S-turns. It was a truly beautiful sight. As they Continue Reading →
Sirius XM
ACCORDING TO A LAWSUIT FILED by the record labels, XM Satellite Radio’s XM + MP3 service is causing “Massive Wholesale Infringement.”  Ooo… that sounds bad!  The suit, filed May 16, 2006, alleges that the service is an improperly licensed “download service.”  Ouch! Having come from the music business, I get a little insulted when businesspeople Continue Reading →

RSS–Really Simple Stealing

Mae West once said, “When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.” So here’s something you can do over the weekend just for fun. Create a blog page with one of those inexpensive blogging services like blogger or typepad. Subscribe to a bunch of relevant RSS (Really Continue Reading →
By Lydia Loizides, Emmy Advanced Media Vice Chair – Research   Imagine if you will capex of $200 million for every 5 million cable subscribers every two years.  Internalize that hard-disc storage, while inexpensive to purchase is expensive to deploy and maintain.  Think about this statement, “DVR is a training ground for an head-end driven, Continue Reading →
Remember Razzles?  Back when I was a kid (when the Earth was cooling), they had a wonderful advertising campaign that asked the question: “…is it a gum or a candy?” Razzles were truly unusual.  They were a bizarre cross between a sucking candy and chewing gum.  Nobody knew how to describe them, so the advertising Continue Reading →
There’s an interesting article on CNET’s news.com entitled, TiVo looks for an edge.  It’s fairly non-technical, but unless you are a Java developer, you won’t get too excited.  The author posits that there is a trend afoot to turn TiVo set-top boxes into media hubs.  TiVo is built upon the Linux operating system and, those Continue Reading →

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