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By Digital Dan Dubno As an early adopter of Google Glass, it’s finally nice to see what Google should have done, and inventor Ralph Osterhout and his team at ODG (Osterhout Design Group) has done it with the R7 Glasses, now on display at CES. Osterhout redesigned the R-7  smart glasses with “next generation optics, Continue Reading →
SMART kapp
If you walk into just about any office building today, you’ll find office equipment that looks exactly like what you would have found there 20 years ago. That’s why companies are now trying to ‘disrupt’ these office machines and workspaces. If you want a look at the future of the dry-erase board, look no further Continue Reading →
WatchESPN World Cup
Are you watching the World Cup? I am, and I’m loving every minute of it. If I’m home and there’s a World Cup game being played, it’s on my TV. Even if I’m doing other things, it’s on in the background … it’s easy to tell when something exciting is happening (or about to happen) Continue Reading →
Hey, did you hear Mark Zuckerberg announced an update to Facebook’s privacy settings? “When?” In May. “Why?” Because people have complained for a long time the settings are too confusing. So the company made a change. “How?” Now, new users of the site will have privacy settings default to “Friends,” instead of “Public,” which had been the Continue Reading →
Google Shelfie
Tuesday is the day to keep an eye out for whoopee cushions on seats and (hopefully)-joke dog turds in fridges. But April Fools’ Day isn’t only about physical practical jokes anymore, the internet has becomes riddled with tricksters too. Last year, we had companies pumping good advertising budget into April Fools’ jokes. From YouTube closing Continue Reading →

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