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SMART kapp
If you walk into just about any office building today, you’ll find office equipment that looks exactly like what you would have found there 20 years ago. That’s why companies are now trying to ‘disrupt’ these office machines and workspaces. If you want a look at the future of the dry-erase board, look no further Continue Reading →
WatchESPN World Cup
Are you watching the World Cup? I am, and I’m loving every minute of it. If I’m home and there’s a World Cup game being played, it’s on my TV. Even if I’m doing other things, it’s on in the background … it’s easy to tell when something exciting is happening (or about to happen) Continue Reading →
Hey, did you hear Mark Zuckerberg announced an update to Facebook’s privacy settings? “When?” In May. “Why?” Because people have complained for a long time the settings are too confusing. So the company made a change. “How?” Now, new users of the site will have privacy settings default to “Friends,” instead of “Public,” which had been the Continue Reading →
Google Shelfie
Tuesday is the day to keep an eye out for whoopee cushions on seats and (hopefully)-joke dog turds in fridges. But April Fools’ Day isn’t only about physical practical jokes anymore, the internet has becomes riddled with tricksters too. Last year, we had companies pumping good advertising budget into April Fools’ jokes. From YouTube closing Continue Reading →
Wichita State men’s basketball coach Gregg Marshall can do no wrong. Marshall recently led his Shockers to a perfect 31-0 regular season, the first team to accomplish the feat since St. Joe’s in 2004. He also took Wichita State to the NCAA Final Four in 2013. With so much going right, why would the bespectacled coach Continue Reading →
Action Center
Microsoft is currently preparing its first major update to Windows Phone 8. A highly requested Notification Center feature will be included with Windows Phone 8.1, allowing users to customize and control their app notifications. Winphollowers has published screenshots from an internal Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, detailing the new Notification Center in Windows Phone 8.1 The Verge Continue Reading →
Coinye West
When Kanye West wrote the lyric, “I’m chilling, trying to stack these millions,” he probably did not mean digital currency. But a new technology might give him pause, or at least have him scratching his head. In a sign that the frenzy over Bitcoin may have reached a new level of ridiculousness, there is now Continue Reading →

Xbox One Sells Out At Best Buy

Xbox One
Today is the day that diehard gamers have been looking forward to all year — it’s Xbox One launch day. Launching in 15 markets for $499.99 (USD), Microsoft’s first new console since 2005 is launching with 22 titles for you to choose from. This day has been a long time coming, and Best Buy is Continue Reading →

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