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Wichita State men’s basketball coach Gregg Marshall can do no wrong. Marshall recently led his Shockers to a perfect 31-0 regular season, the first team to accomplish the feat since St. Joe’s in 2004. He also took Wichita State to the NCAA Final Four in 2013. With so much going right, why would the bespectacled coach Continue Reading →
Action Center
Microsoft is currently preparing its first major update to Windows Phone 8. A highly requested Notification Center feature will be included with Windows Phone 8.1, allowing users to customize and control their app notifications. Winphollowers has published screenshots from an internal Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, detailing the new Notification Center in Windows Phone 8.1 The Verge Continue Reading →
Coinye West
When Kanye West wrote the lyric, “I’m chilling, trying to stack these millions,” he probably did not mean digital currency. But a new technology might give him pause, or at least have him scratching his head. In a sign that the frenzy over Bitcoin may have reached a new level of ridiculousness, there is now Continue Reading →

Xbox One Sells Out At Best Buy

Xbox One
Today is the day that diehard gamers have been looking forward to all year — it’s Xbox One launch day. Launching in 15 markets for $499.99 (USD), Microsoft’s first new console since 2005 is launching with 22 titles for you to choose from. This day has been a long time coming, and Best Buy is Continue Reading →
“I am so honored to announce…” “I am excited to tell everyone…” “Guess what happened to me?!” On a typical day, our Facebook News Feeds are full of swagger and bravado. Someone always has something to brag about. We’ve all done it, although certain people (and we know exactly who they are) boast way more than others. Continue Reading →
Tomorrow will not be like today. Today you will experience the slowest rate of technological change in your lifetime. Tomorrow, it will be faster and the pace of change will continue to increase. Managing this change and learning to adapt will separate the successful from the extinct. Adapt or die. That’s what the 6th Annual Continue Reading →
“Hey, man. Need your car this weekend?” Across America, millions of Millennials are probably asking that very question to a friend with access to a vehicle. That’s because, according to a story from NPR, our generation would rather borrow than own, especially with big-ticket items like Fords and Chevys. If we can’t bum a buddy’s ride, Continue Reading →
Nexus Logo
Well, we’ve seen this sort of thing before. You’d think being handed a rare prototype for a major new phone before its unveiling would engender a greater sense of um… responsibility. Turns out that whatever sensibilities it does instill don’t necessarily preclude folks from taking these devices to bars, knocking back a few, then hitting Continue Reading →
If you’re going to make the world’s largest walking robot, you might as well go for broke. That’s what Zollner Elektronik AG — a firm out of Germany — did when it unveiled “Tradinno,” its 11-ton, 51 foot, winged, fire breathing dragon powered by a 2 liter turbo diesel engine. Now the real question is, Continue Reading →
Epsilon Rocket
When The Space Shuttle was conceived, its mission was to make space flight “cheap.” (As these things go.) Original estimates had hoped that eventually the program would cost a frugal $50 million per launch. That dream was never realized, and in the end cost a total of $196 billion — an average of $450 million Continue Reading →

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