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Facebook and Twitter
Satirical newspaper The Onion recently described Facebook as a project of the Central Intelligence Agency. “After years of secretly monitoring the public, we were astounded,” a fictional agency deputy director told Congress. He was happy that Facebook users voluntarily post “alphabetized lists of all their friends” and “even status updates about what they were doing Continue Reading →
Draw Something
The acquisition of OMGPOP, the maker of Draw Something, was one of Zynga’s boldest moves in the past year and also one of its most criticized ones, as Draw Something’s active user base peaked right around the time Zynga acquired it and has been on a downward spiral since. The OMGPOP acquisition and the subsequent Continue Reading →
Recent attacks on LinkedIn and eHarmony highlight the importance of different passwords for different sites. LinkedIn confirmed that there had been a breach in their security whereby hackers stole approximately 6.5 million encrypted passwords.eHarmony also announced a breach in their security where 1.5 million passwords were stolen in the attack. Large-scale attacks such as these are becoming more common. Epsilon Continue Reading →
Are all these updates that you get reminders for everyday really necessary? Absolutely. When a security alert pops up on your computer or smartphone to ask if you’d like to update your software or device, always accept. Hackers and attackers are constantly pushing out new viruses and pieces of malware to invade your lives and Continue Reading →
Touch Screen
Tactus Technology, a California-based startup, recently unveiled a unique touchscreen layer for mobile technology that can dynamically create real buttons for an on-demand physical keyboard experience. The screen adds no additional thickness to touchscreens and the buttons disappear when no longer needed.  Read the full story at SlashGear Continue Reading →
Apple is no longer the dominant player when it comes to the US online movie business. According to a new report by market research firm IHS iSuppli, Netflix was crowned the new king in 2011 after a meteoric rise in popularity throughout 2010. The firm credits Netflix’s success with its focus on TV-like subscriptions, which Continue Reading →

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