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Americans received nearly 22 billion robocalls between January and May 2021. Shelly Palmer talks with Kerry Drew and Bianca Peters about how STIR/SHAKEN may help cut down on robocalls, as well as tips you can use to further cut down on unwanted spam calls. Continue Reading →
What happened to the internet on Tuesday morning? Shelly Palmer talks with Bianca Peters about Fastly and the widespread internet outage, and teases Apple's biggest announcements from this year's #WWDC21. Continue Reading →
Just about everyone seems interested in getting into cryptocurrency. Is it too late? Shelly Palmer talks with Bianca Peters and Robert Moses about the technology, as well as his newest book: Blockchain - Cryptocurrency, NFTs & Smart Contracts: An executive guide to the world of decentralized finance. Continue Reading →
Seems like a lot of people are mad at Apple: the EU is accusing them of antitrust, Epic Games is suing them, and Tile thinks AirTags ripped them off. Shelly Palmer talks with Bianca Peters and Robert Moses about why Apple is making everyone so angry on Fox 5 NY's Good Day Wake Up. Continue Reading →

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