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On this episode of Digital Life: Why are the producers of the Hurt Locker planning to sue tens of thousands of illegal downloaders? Are Google and Verizon going to team up to create the ultimate iPad killer? And, is Borders new Kobo e-Reader something you should consider? Plus, I’ll talk to Dr. Ruth Westheimer about Continue Reading →
On this episode of Digital Life: Why does a New Jersey principal want to ban Facebook for middle-schoolers? Why are some U.S. Senators are unhappy with Facebook’s privacy policy? What can we learn from Sarah Palin’s hacked email account? And, what’s going on with the tablet computers from HP and Microsoft? Plus, I’ll talk to Continue Reading →
On this episode of Digital Life: Should you buy an iPad with 3G? Can a Microsoft/Facebook team beat Google? Are you ready to pay for Hulu? And, why did Adobe give up on Apple? Plus, I’ll talk to David Cohen, US director of digital communications at advertising giant Universal McCann, I’ll chat with Mark Watkins, Continue Reading →
On this episode of Digital Life: Did you know you’ve been tweeting for posterity? When will you be video chatting on your iPhone? Does the new Photoshop actually use magic? And, can Google Docs beat Microsoft Office? Plus, I’ll talk to Art Chang, founder and CEO of Tipping Point Partners about how to start a Continue Reading →
On this episode of Digital Life: The iPad is here! We’ll take a tour. Is Google watching you? Are you going to like or dislike the changes to Youtube and Facebook? And, when will you be getting your Verizon iPhone? Plus I’ll talk with about the iPad with John Abell,’s NY bureau chief and Continue Reading →
On this episode of Digital Life: Should teenaged sexters be treated as sex offenders? Are you ready for a digital Social Security card? Is Facebook usage really increasing STD’s in Great Britain? And, what can you do with your new unlocked iPhone? Plus, Steve Rosenbaum and I about TV everywhere, and I’ll chat with Continue Reading →
On this episode of Digital Life. Facebook helps Italian police nail Scarface. Samsung thinks they’ve built a better iPad. Has Google fallen to number two? Are you ready for Tiger in 3D? And, are iGlasses the next big thing from Apple? Plus, I’ll talk with Jack Myers about Google TV, and I’ll chat with Adam Continue Reading →
On this episode of Digital Life: Trojan phones. Some great new iPhone apps. Rock Band 3 is on the way and there may be up to 50 iPad competitors coming. Sony’s got a secret weapon to help sell 3DTV and Facebook may have a privacy issue on their hands, I’ll discuss it with John Abell, Continue Reading →
Next on Digital Life. The Apple app censors are out in force. Music download price wars. Microsoft branded smart phones. And 3DTV is here. I’m going to help Orlando Jones get some pictures off of his digital camera. I’ll talk with Jack Hidary, CEO of, about his latest technology venture. And, I’ll speak with Continue Reading →
This week on Digital Life. Is Facebook bigger than Yahoo? Why are telcos ganging up on Apple. Amazon announces Kindle for BlackBerry, and I’ll talk with John Abell,’s NY Bureau Chief about the FCC’s new national broadband plan, plus I’ll talk with Nokia‘s branded content manager, George Linardos, about super cool stuff you can Continue Reading →

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