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This week on Live Digital. Can WiFi harm trees? Why does the FCC want you to Txt 911? Why has MySpace given up as a social media site? And, how can you send an e-book as a gift. Plus, I’ll talk with Jim Barry, the CEA’s digital answer man. I’ll chat with NeuLion’s, Chris Wagner Continue Reading →
Shelly Palmer’s Hi-Tech Holiday Gift Guide. Hosted by tech expert and FOX 5 News contributor Shelly Palmer, this fast-paced half-hour special will help you find the right smartphones, tablets, e-readers and high tech gifts for everyone on your list. Continue Reading →
This week on Live Digital. Is Steve Jobs Santa? Where’s my white iPhone? Are you ready for Facebook friendship pages? And, how do you loan someone an e-book from your Kindle? I’ll talk with Microsoft’s Molly O’Donnell about the new Xbox Kinect. I’ll chat with’s Managing Editor, Brian Dalton about the best way to Continue Reading →
This week on Live Digital. How many TXT messages does an average teenager send? Have the tablet wars really begun? What would you do if you owned And, just how serious are Facebook privacy issues? Plus, I’ll talk with Richard Gerstein the head of PC Marketing for HP, I’ll chat with President Jonathan Continue Reading →
This week on Live Digital: Is Twitter a waste of time? Can Apple ship enough iPhones to China? Did you order your Nokia N8? And, after years of growth, why are digital music sales down in 2010? Plus, I’ll talk with Samsung’s VP of digital marketing, Kris Narayanan about, I’ll chat with Pandora Corp, Continue Reading →
Next on Live Digital. Will you shop at Amazon’s App Store? Will AT&T have the Droids you’re looking for? Is your tablet ready for some football? And, what exactly does Cisco mean by high-end video conferencing for the home? Plus, I’ll talk with Tim Spengler, president of Initiative North America, I’ll chat with Fredrik Eklund Continue Reading →
This week on Digital Life: Why do people think it’s better to be online during sex than during a wedding? Can you be so addicted to an online game that you’d forget to feed your kids and your pets? And, why did John Mayer dump his Twitter account? Plus, I’ll talk with Mevio’s Co-Founder Ron Continue Reading →

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