Xbox 360
Microsoft recently filed a patent application for technology that would give its Xbox 360 Kinect sensor the ability to read users’ facial expressions and body language, thus enabling Microsoft to send them ads based on their emotional states. Jacob Aron at New Scientist writes that the technology in the patent application “suggests a company could Continue Reading →
Minority Report Ad
Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” painted a scary picture of the future in a number of ways. For privacy advocates, one of several nightmarish technologies used in the film allowed outdoor signs and billboards to play targeted interactive advertisements by scanning the eyeballs of passers-by in order to identify them. Such technology isn’t widely available yet, Continue Reading →
Basketball Players
Originally posted at Keller Fay June is a very active time for sports television:  the NBA Playoffs are in full throttle along with the Stanley Cup, MLB races are taking shape, the US Open Golf tournament is soon upon us with Tiger Woods once again relevant, and two of Tennis’s major tournaments (The French Open Continue Reading →
The run up to Facebook’s IPO was abuzz with optimism about just how large and successful it would be.  The first few days following the IPO have been awash with stories of doom and gloom, a failed IPO, and lawsuits.  It’s now time for some perspective – not from an investor’s point of view, but Continue Reading →
The Cable Show
Many among The Cable Show’s 12,000-plus attendees in Boston last week may, in the years ahead, tell anyone they like about witnessing the birth of not one, but two landmark TV developments. We’ll see…and maybe you’ll see. Let’s explain what went down first. This pair of developments came from Comcast, cable operator numero uno and Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Facebook says that about half its users access Facebook via mobile device.  Which is great!  Except that Facebook doesn’t have any way to sell ads in its mobile offering, so all of those page views are served without any hope of revenue. But this may be about Continue Reading →
I remember the hype going into the Facebook IPO and how people were literally drooling over what was to be the seminal event to reinvigorate our financial markets, create wealth for thousands and cement Facebook as the success story of this generation. Well two out of three ain’t bad. Many thought of this as a Continue Reading →
Facebook Ticker
Facebook is going public today.  The share price is set at $38, which should put approximately $18.4 Billion dollars into Facebook’s treasury, and value the company somewhere in the $104 Billion neighborhood.  No mater who you are, that’s big money. People have been asking me for guidance on this IPO for months.  Is Facebook worth Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Facebook Inc. set its share price at $38 for today’s initial public offering. Should you get in line to buy it?  No.  And here’s why.  A lot of smart people who invested in Facebook are selling now, in fact many early investors have increased the amount of Continue Reading →