Shelly Palmer Radio Report – May 28, 2012


[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Facebook says that about half its users access Facebook via mobile device.  Which is great!  Except that Facebook doesn’t have any way to sell ads in its mobile offering, so all of those page views are served without any hope of revenue. But this may be about […]


Facebook’s IPO: A View From The West


I remember the hype going into the Facebook IPO and how people were literally drooling over what was to be the seminal event to reinvigorate our financial markets, create wealth for thousands and cement Facebook as the success story of this generation. Well two out of three ain’t bad. Many thought of this as a […]

Facebook Ticker

Facebook IPO: Translating Value Into Wealth


Facebook is going public today.  The share price is set at $38, which should put approximately $18.4 Billion dollars into Facebook’s treasury, and value the company somewhere in the $104 Billion neighborhood.  No mater who you are, that’s big money. People have been asking me for guidance on this IPO for months.  Is Facebook worth […]

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – May 18, 2012

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Facebook Inc. set its share price at $38 for today’s initial public offering. Should you get in line to buy it?  No.  And here’s why.  A lot of smart people who invested in Facebook are selling now, in fact many early investors have increased the amount of […]