2008 04-03 MediaBytes: NBC – MySpace Music – Amazon TextBuyIt – DOCSIS – DoubleClick


                   If you are having trouble viewing our video player, check out MediaBytes on YouTube. NBC unveiled a 65-week schedule of new programming during a new “infront” presentation, offering advertisers an early glimpse of spread-out premieres and a longer timeline to facilitate the planning of national ad campaigns. The schedule includes a new Office spin-off, […]

Real Player and QuickTime

Platforms: A New Programming Paradigm


If you’re working in the media business today, you have to be thinking about the five most important digital consumer touchpoints: email, websites, paid search, display ads and video. And, if you’re like most of my clients, this is an ongoing, dynamic, relatively expensive process.   Over the past few months there have been some […]

Google Gets Ready: MediaBytes 11.16.2007


GOOGLE has been quietly preparing for the upcoming wireless auction by using a license from the FCC to operate an advanced wireless test network on its corporate campus. The network is complete with transmission towers and handsets running Android software. Google is also using game-theory specialists to help orchestrate its auction strategy. Potential spectrum bidders […]

MediaBytes 11.13.2007


KEVIN MARTIN is proposing a 75% reduction in the rates that cable operators can charge to lease extra channels. To promote more diverse programming, prices would drop from 40 cents a month per subscriber to 10 cents. The plan will be voted on this month and could be enacted next year. GOOGLE is reportedly in […]