AT&T will embrace Wi-Fi calling in 2015. That’s according to Ralph De la Vega, CEO of the company’s mobility and enterprise business. AT&T has long been a proponent of Wi-Fi, already partnering with companies to offer public Wi-Fi areas for customers, he said, adding that he sees Wi-Fi calling as a compliment to its core Continue Reading →
iPhone 5
Sprint and T-Mobile have already promised to match and even top each others’ (and other carriers’) trade-in prices before the new iPhone debuted. But would you like to hear what Verizon and AT&T have to offer first before deciding which carrier to sell your soul to? Yes? Then let’s start with Verizon, which will give Continue Reading →
Verizon and Netflix
Months after Comcast upgraded its subscribers’ Netflix performance, AT&T and Verizon have finally followed suit. The average Netflix stream on Verizon FiOS hit 2.41Mbps in August, up from 1.61Mbps in July, Netflix said today in its monthly speed test update. AT&T’s U-verse service offered average Netflix performance of 2.61Mbps in August, up from 1.44Mbps in Continue Reading →
Amazon Fire Phone
Based on Amazon’s selective PR history, the company isn’t likely to reveal exact sales for its recent Fire Phone any time soon—unless the company’s first-ever smartphone goes gangbusters. A recent study appears to put any hopes for a record-smashing debut in serious doubt. Rather than wait for the official word, online advertising company Chitika Insights Continue Reading →
AT&T has become the latest company to sign a deal with Netflix to ensure that the company’s streaming videos get to consumers without lagging or delay. Netflix said Tuesday that the two companies had reached an agreement on interconnection in May. “We’re now beginning to turn up the connections, a process that should be complete Continue Reading →
After you’ve finished up with a two-year smartphone contract, one of the easiest ways to save money is to keep your old device and bring it to a compatible carrier with a lower monthly cost. But if your device is carrier locked — and if you bought it on contract from one of the big Continue Reading →
AT&T has begun mailing out letters to customers affected by a data breach that allowed employees of a “service provider” to access customer account information, including customers’ dates of birth and Social Security numbers. The data was exposed in April through a system used to obtain unlocking codes for used AT&T phones for resale, according Continue Reading →