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President Barack Obama

President Obama Meets With Tech CEOs for ‘Honest Talk’ About NSA


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and a handful of other CEOs had an “honest talk” with President Obama Friday afternoon at a hastily arranged meeting to discuss Silicon Valley’s continued unhappiness with U.S. government surveillance practices. White House officials characterized the meeting as a “continued dialogue” on the surveillance issue, but it appeared to be a […]


President Obama Joins Question-and-Answer Service Quora

Question-and-answer service Quora has begun rolling out verified profiles for public figures, with President Barack Obama signing up as the first user to receive a blue checkmark. Obama has taken to Quora to answer questions about the Affordable Care Act ahead of the March 31 enrollment deadline. On-boarding the president of the US has become […]

Barack Obama on BlackBerry

President Obama May Dump His BlackBerry for an Android


The White House is testing smartphones from Samsung and LG Electronics for internal use, a person familiar with the matter said, threatening one of the last and most high-profile strongholds of BlackBerry. The devices are being tested by the White House’s internal technology team and the White House Communications Agency, a military unit in charge […]

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Called President Obama to Talk About Privacy and Security


Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the first name that comes to mind as a champion of privacy. But the seemingly endless revelations of NSA surveillance programs has inspired Facebook’s founder to call up no less than President Obama himself to defend his users from government intrusion. On Thursday Zuckerberg posted a statement on Facebook calling on the […]