Big Data

Do Not Track … Really?


A couple of years ago the FTC proposed a “Do Not Track” button.  Recently, the Administration got a couple of very big Internet companies to agree to implement it. The idea is really simple: add an easy way for consumers to opt out of web tracking systems.  In practice, it’s a little less simple … […]


Google = Skynet … Yikes!


The Shelly Palmer School of Connected Living has one primary thesis: "Technology is good." I believe that all technological progress is good and that the story of the evolution of mankind is inextricably linked to the story of the evolution of our technology. We are tool builders, and we are tool users. It is, in large measure, what separates us from virtually every other species in the known universe.

Data Servers

Are Companies Really Ready for Big Data?


At RBM we’ve always believed there is magic in the data. Companies that have dominated the online space – Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp – are successful because they realize that through data lies the pathway to better digital interaction. Many experts now predict that the proliferation of Big Data will eventually create the opportunities that […]