Big Data


Nielsen is Finally Ready to Add Web Viewers to TV Ratings


After several months of testing within the industry, Nielsen is finally ready to reveal its efforts to bake mobile viewing habits into its TV ratings system. In a wider roll-out of what the company already monitors, it’ll launch an SDK for participating broadcasters in mid-November that will encompass both old-fashioned screens and those not-so-new upstarts […]

Media Tech Summit 2013

Tomorrow Will Not Be Like Today


Tomorrow will not be like today. Today you will experience the slowest rate of technological change in your lifetime. Tomorrow, it will be faster and the pace of change will continue to increase. Managing this change and learning to adapt will separate the successful from the extinct. Adapt or die. That’s what the 6th Annual […]

Predicting the Future

Breaking the Stranglehold of Prediction


“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” — Heraclitus I have been in business a rather long time… long enough now to be called an “Oldtimer.” I started in my own business right out of college way back in 1979. I […]

The Quantified Executive


I’m wearing a Jawbone UP bracelet, have a Withings Pulse in my pocket, a WS-50 Withings scale in the bathroom, a Withings blood pressure cuff by my bed, I walk every day with a Polar Bluetooth Heart Monitor strapped to my chest, log every morsel of food I put into my body and I’m correlating […]