The Amazing Race
Last week’s episode of The Amazing Race was quite inspiring and insightful.  Couples were not only working well with each other, a few were even pairing up with other couples.  Even the now infamous fighting and bickering couple, Justin and Jennifer, showed a glimpse of a partnership.  As we watched teams that had decided to Continue Reading →
The Amazing Race
Last week’s episode of The Amazing Race was the most uncomfortable ever and strangely last night’s episode was the most comfortable ever.  Last week brother and sister couple, Justin and Jennifer, fought, shouted, yelled, screamed, bickered, and argued during the entire episode.  They even argued when they were simply waiting for a train and not Continue Reading →
Social Media
Many brands feel the need to be on Social Media. Competitors do it. Other successful enterprises do it. Everybody does it. Whenever I meet with brands, they tend to think they HAVE to be on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. They should have a blog and start developing ideas for Google+. An armada of consultants Continue Reading →
Kindle Fire
Market research firm iSuppli found that Amazon’s Kindle Fire costs the company about $210 to manufacture. While this loses Amazon $10 per device, the lost money to make money model is definitely going to net them future profit in content sales. Subscribing to Amazon Prime by itself, necessary for streaming video from its library, will Continue Reading →
In the last three years, I have spoken about how 2012 might well be one of the most change-filled, disruptive years in America in recent memory. It is a quadrennial election year. It is the year of the Mayan Prophecy. It figures to be a year of political conflict between those who want to hold Continue Reading →
Several studies released by a number of television unions and advocacy groups the last three weeks all share a disturbing conclusion. As diversity in these United States rises (more than half of the population women; nearly 40 percent of the population people of color), far too few women and people of color produce, write and Continue Reading →
AT&T is fighting back in its battle with the Department of Justice over the proposed buyout of T-Mobile. The telecom company’s formal response states that T-Mobile is such a weak competitor, that absorbing it would do no harm to consumers. Isn’t it up to consumers to decide if competitors are “weak”? Read the full article at Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Netflix finally released an update that will let users of older Android devices stream movies on the go. The long-awaited update will support 80% of devices running Android versions 2.2 and 2.3. Unfortunately, the release still isn’t compatible with older Android tablets. In other news, Microsoft is Continue Reading →
Flight Seats
Re-syndicated from The scenario is all too familiar: A love affair that started out wildly romantic and adventurous grows bitter and dreary over the years. Communication breaks down. Disappointments replace dreams. And before you know it, the relationship seems unsalvageable. Or is it? COUNSELOR: OK, let’s just start by really listening to one another. Continue Reading →
A new report by Experian Hitwise shows that Bing and Yahoo have higher success rates at sending those who search to appropriate websites. While Google is still the king of the search market, it’s success rate for the month of July was only 67.56% compared to Bing at 81.36%. To be fair, Google receives over 65% of Continue Reading →