Stephen Elop, a candidate to replace Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s chief executive officer, would consider breaking with decades of tradition by focusing the company’s strategy around making the popular Office software programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint available on a broad variety of smartphones and tablets, including those made by Apple and Google, said three Continue Reading →
This is a perfect example of eating your own dog food. Microsoft announced on Monday it has implemented Internet Explorer 11’s new pre-render tag in Bing. If you’re using Microsoft’s latest browser, you’ll notice that when you perform a search in Bing, clicking on the top result will result in an almost-instantly loaded page. This Continue Reading →

Microsoft Revamps Bing

Bing Logo
Microsoft’s Bing search engine is popularly regarded as something of a joke. Despite powering searches for both Yahoo and Facebook, its hardly anybody’s go-to search engine outside of those spheres — and is seen by many as an icon of CEO Steve Ballmer’s difficulty launching really great, popular products on a consistent basis. That being Continue Reading →
Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s plan to battle Google in the classroom is launching on Wednesday. Bing for Schools is a new ad-free version of Microsoft’s search service that includes strict filtering and privacy protections designed for schools. The pilot kicks off with 800,000 students in a number of US schools today, with plans to extend it elsewhere for Continue Reading →
Microsoft is making a play for the education sector with Bing for Schools, a voluntary program that tailors the company’s search engine for students based in the US. The tweaked Bing experience, suitable for students between kindergarten and the end of high school, removes all advertisements from the search engine due to Microsoft’s belief that Continue Reading →
It’s time to brush up on your Klingon, Star Trek fans. Search engine Bing has just added the official language of the series to its language translator. Now, you can translate words from English into Klingon — or the other way around. The addition comes just days before the arrival of J.J. Abram’s Star Trek Continue Reading →