BlackBerry’s QNX operating system may not be the hit in mobile phones that the company hoped, but one day QNX may be helping you with a different kind of mobility: the autonomous car. BlackBerry is working with VisLab, an Italian laboratory run by the University of Parma that focuses on computer vision research. One of Continue Reading →
BlackBerry announced on Tuesday it will end its licensing agreement with T-Mobile when it expires on April 25th, meaning the fourth-largest carrier in the United States will soon no longer be able to sell BlackBerry products. In a press release, John Chen, BlackBerry’s CEO, said although the two companies had “a positive relationship for many Continue Reading →
Remember when BlackBerry was hesitant to let BBM wander to other platforms? So do we, but now that the company has committed to cross-platform support by pushing its messaging service to ecosystems like iOS and Android (including the Nokia X series), it isn’t stopping there. Recently we’ve heard that it’s heading to Windows Phone in Continue Reading →
Looks like Microsoft isn’t the only latecomer scrambling to add a voice-guided assistant to its mobile platform. A leaked test-build of the new BlackBerry firmware (version, if you’re curious) is rocking an app called “Intelligent Assistant,” but as both N4BB and a ZonaBlackBerry forum poster have noticed, it doesn’t quite work yet. The application Continue Reading →
Barack Obama on BlackBerry
The White House is testing smartphones from Samsung and LG Electronics for internal use, a person familiar with the matter said, threatening one of the last and most high-profile strongholds of BlackBerry. The devices are being tested by the White House’s internal technology team and the White House Communications Agency, a military unit in charge Continue Reading →
T-Mobile recently “outraged” BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen when the wireless provider emailed its BlackBerry customers, encouraging them to upgrade to an iPhone 5S with no money down. After an angry blog post by Chen, T-Mobile apologized for the email and offered BlackBerry owners a big-time trade-in credit if they wanted to upgrade their phones – Continue Reading →
T-Mobile incurred the wrath of BlackBerry CEO John Chen and some of the phone’s loyalists by making an upgrade offer encouraging BlackBerry owners to trade in for a new iPhone. Aiming to make amends — and really calling the BlackBerry bluff — T-Mobile launched an upgrade offer that gave BlackBerry owners the choice of sticking Continue Reading →