Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s ‘Kindle Worlds’ Offer Royalties for Aspiring Authors


Amazon announced a new publishing platform on Wednesday called Kindle Worlds, which will give both established authors and aspiring fan fiction writers the chance to earn royalties based on their work. Fan fiction is a rather murky topic, given that it often combines beloved characters and franchises in rather unusual scenarios. Regardless, the medium has […]

Buy-one-get-one Offer from Nook Book

Barnes & Noble Offers Buy One, Get One Free on Select Nook Books


Well, this process seems a bit counterintuitive, eh? This morning, Barnes & Noble introduced a new scheme for getting Nook customers to visit the company’s retail stores. The promotion nets you one free e-book when you purchase another, but — and this is where the offer tripped us up a bit — you can only […]

Done Not Done

Done Not Done: Clean Up Your Movie and Media To-Do Lists


To-do lists and task managers are commonplace on the App Store, and it’s sometimes hard for unique apps to stand out. But a recently launched app from Betaworks called Done Not Done surprisingly manages to do so. Don’t let the name fool you, this app doesn’t focus on the boring things you need to do, […]

Kindle Fire HD

Amazon launches $3 Per Month Kid-Friendly Media Service


Amazon’s just launched Free Time Unlimited for its range of Kindle Fire tablets. It offers unlimited access to age-restricted movies, games and books for kids, for $3 a month. Essentially a subscription service for children, the service lets you tell Amazon your offspring’s gender and age, and then a custom library of books, movies, apps […]

Kindle Paperwhite

Why I Was Wrong About Hating E-Books


I railed against e-books about a month ago. My biggest issues were their cost and use of DRM. In the interest of doing my best to see the other side of things, I committed to reading only e-books for the rest of the month. And you know what? I loved it. I used the the Kindle […]