Time Warner Ready To Spin Off AOL: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer August 4, 2008


                   If you are having trouble viewing our video player, check out MediaBytes on YouTube. Read Shelly’s commentary “Senator Ted ‘Tubes’ Stevens Indictment is Appropriate Metaphor for U.S. Communication Power Shift” on the blog. Watch Shelly’s commentary on TIME WARNER’s decision to spin off AOL. VERIZON is beginning to bring web video to the television […]

Amazon's Kindle Reviewed – MediaBytes 11.20.2007


AMAZON unveiled Kindle, its new e-book reader on Monday. The device allows users to download e-books from the Amazon store wirelessly using Sprint’s EV-DO network. Over 90,000 books are available, with new releases priced at $9.99 and classics as low as $1.99. The device is already drawing some negative reviews, with several commentators questioning the […]

Google Gets Ready: MediaBytes 11.16.2007


GOOGLE has been quietly preparing for the upcoming wireless auction by using a license from the FCC to operate an advanced wireless test network on its corporate campus. The network is complete with transmission towers and handsets running Android software. Google is also using game-theory specialists to help orchestrate its auction strategy. Potential spectrum bidders […]