CES 2017

5 Reasons CES 2017 Will Be Awesome


Officially, CES® 2017 runs from January 5 through January 8, 2017. That's Thursday through Sunday, so Las Vegas weekend rates apply. To maximize your CES investment (and to help you financially justify a weekend in Vegas), here are five reasons CES 2017 will be awesome!

Nexpaq Widgets Makes Smart Phones Smarter


by Digital Dan Dubno The Euraka Park Marketplace is a hive of excitement as small entrepreneurs bring their way-out ideas of gadgets of the future to CES 2016. It’s there I found a small company “started by three Germans in Hong Kong” with an innovative idea: what if your smartphone could be placed in a […]

DISH to Deliver 4K Content With the Hopper 3


by Digital Dan Dubno Ok, so you’ve gone to the superstore and plunked down just under a thousand dollars for a massive 4K ultra high resolution screen. Aside from a few BlueRay discs you might still have around the house, what will you watch that is pixel-worthy?  Getting bandwidth that can support streaming 4k video […]

360 Abyss Hero Camera Platform


By Digital Dan Dubno CES has brought us a profusion of 3D and augmented reality high-definition headsets and wide screens that display 4K resolution. These provide for stunning views but there’s one enormous problem:  very little super high definition content is available.  Now, 360 Heros.com has designed several camera mounts that work seamlessly with high-res […]

CES 2016: What to Expect


The newly named CTA™ (Consumer Technology Association, formerly the Consumer Electronics Association or CEA) will hold the newly named CES® 2016 show (Consumer Electronics Show, formerly International CES) this week. Here's what to expect.