Shelly Palmer on Quest Means Business

Google becomes Alphabet – CNN


Shelly Palmer talks about Google's restructuring and the potential pros and cons of Alphabet with Richard Quest on CNN's Quest Means Business. Airdate: August 11, 2015

Photoshop on a Chromebook

You Can Now Use Adobe Photoshop on a Chromebook


The big knock against Google’s Chromebooks is that they can’t run true desktop-class software, with Photoshop a commonly-cited example. Google and Adobe are now looking to close that gap: the companies have just announced that Adobe’s Creative Cloud software will soon be available for Chromebooks. The first release will be a “streaming” version of Photoshop, […]

Samsung's Faux Leather Chromebook

Chromebooks Can Now Download (Some) Android Apps


We knew that Google planned to add support for running Android apps on Chromebooks since the company announced it back at Google I/O in June, but on Thursday we’ve had confirmation that the first Android apps to run on Chrome OS are now available to download. Although jut a few months back the project was […]

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – August 25, 2014


No matter which wireless carrier you choose, chances are good that you’re probably going to have a pretty high monthly data bill. But thanks to Google Chrome’s mobile browser, you can use less data each month and maybe even save a few bucks. Google has a couple features in its browsers for Android and iOS […]

HP Stream

Microsoft’s First Chromebook Competitor is a $199 HP Laptop


Microsoft announced that it would be working with its partners to release ultra-low-cost Windows laptops just over a month ago, and now thanks to a leak from MobileGeeks, it looks like HP will release one of the first of these ultra-low-cost computers. The HP Stream 14 is a 14-inch, Windows 8.1 computer that is expected […]